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We offer meaningful daily activities, development of nurturing relationships, and acquisition of self-care skills, which fosters a higher quality of life compared with alternative mental health settings.

Residents enjoy Peer-to-Peer Support, they share space with peers who are experiencing similar challenges while also working toward recovery. Supportive relationships formed in a residential mental health facility often carry over into the community at large.

Our residents learn to take responsibility for their own behavior and how it affects others. They learn to respect the needs of other community members as well.

Recovery from a mental illness requires supportive structure that provides consistent support to establish a sense of normalcy, stabilizing routines for day and night.

We promote improved, sustained mental health and respect for the Individuals in the residential treatment program, each resident is a unique individual with their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Residents are accepted and appreciated for who they are rather than being treated as a number or a patient.

Our therapeutic treatment is Individualized and targeted to the unique mental health, social, and physical needs of the resident. A major goal of our facility is to develop a wide range of habits of self-care, from personal hygiene and medication to resting and asking for help.

Serenity treatment philosophy is focused on developmental needs proven to result in increased engagement and success in recovery.

Residents build self-esteem and learn new social skills by becoming key contributors to the community.

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We offer personalized life enrichment activities along with group engagement to ensure we are fulfilling each resident’s needs. Stimulation through games, music, conversations and therapy visits are just a few of the programs offered. We are committed to providing exceptional quality care 24 hours a day in a supportive environment. Our licensed medical professional personally assesses each resident and develops a detailed care plan. We provide care home services such as security, reminder, monitoring and aggressive behavior handling. Residents are always treated as a member of our family.